Odor Absorbing Freshener



Are you frustrated that your house

smells of diapers and offensive odors?  

Tired of the smell masked by another scent?

Afraid of harm to your baby?

We have your answer!  The makers of Happi Tummi have discovered this unique and awesome air freshener with advanced Odor eating molecules.

More importantly it is safe for you, your baby and your animals.  It has no harmful chemicals, cleaners or enzymes which can cause your baby to react or develop allergies. 100% safe, no active ingredients like acids, but it really works.

Keep it by the bed stand near your offensive odor producing events and a spray right on the source will convert the smell molecules to a natural smell or baby scent, which ever you choose.

The bottle will last months, not weeks and provide you with instant clean, clear smells.  Used in other applications like armored vests that cannot be washed, and refrigerators that have become stale or rotten, OAM has now produced the product exclusively for Happi Tummi.  

Try it and if for any reason you do not love the product, simply request a 100% refund.  

Restore your peace of mind, your air and your health.  Use Air refreshener by Happi Tummi.


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