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atricle-plaque-quotes.jpgNanette Meneses was featured in a Hispanic Network magazine article entitled

"How One Mompreneur Turned an Age Old Remedy Into a Thriving Business.

The article was circulated to 300,000 entrepreneurs encouraging those that have ideas and dreams to pursue them.  

Nanette tells her story of being a new mom facing colic.  After many visits to the doctor and emergency room, she started to experiment with different home remedies. It was not easy but after more than one month, she discovered the combination of a Latin and Chinese remedy and the selection of special herbs, indigenous grown, it worked.  Since that time, her business has been to share this remedy with as many mom;s as she can.

Good for gas, colic and constipation in babies, it has been sold at Walmart and specialty stores everywhere.  Check our store finder if you want to locate a store near you.  

Also look for our adult version soon to be released. Click here is you want to sign up and be notified of that release date, and any special discounts we are offering.

Happi Tummi. an all Natural and safe alternative for gas colic and constipation.