Mommy Entrepreneur Challenge

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Mommy Entrepreneur Uniquely Challenges Others to Support Child Abuse Prevention Month

April 7, 2016, Carlsbad, California.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. One mommy entrepreneur, Nanette Meneses, is making a difference announcing a "Customer Purchase Contribution Challenge." The challenge is simple. Every purchase of Happi Tummi® during April will generate a donation to Casa De Amparo,, a charity that is on the cutting edge of child abuse prevention. Happi Tummi® is a natural external, warmed herbal wrap designed to calm fussy and colicky babies.

Did you know that most children who die from child abuse are under the age of three? The sound of an inconsolable, crying baby is said to be one of the most stressful sounds, and has been linked to shaken baby syndrome and child abuse.

"I want to help prevent child abuse, even if it is one baby at a time," Nanette said when issuing the challenge. Nanette started her quest to address child abuse when searching for help with her inconsolable child caused by colic. In her desperate efforts to seek any solution, she discovered thousands of parents in similar despair, but frighteningly, many situations would lead to child abuse. "Can we really sit idle while 4 to 5 babies die from child abuse a day?"

Necessity is the mother of all invention, and Nanette invented Happi Tummi to help her baby. Now that she has learned the dark secrets of frustrated parents, she continues to devote her time to education and advocacy for child abuse prevention.

You can support the challenge. Happi Tummi is available in over 800 Walmart stores, Buy Buy Baby, juvenile specialty stores or at


Household Name Products, Inc., is the maker of Happi Tummi®, a pediatrician approved, external wrap that combines warmth, restriction on the baby's tummi and a patented herbal pack that emits soothing aroma, to calm babies and parents. For additional information contact James Ballidis – 866-744-2774.