Happi Tummi Girafe Waistband and Herbal Pouch


Warm it. Wrap it. Watch it work.

Just warm the herbal pouch in your microwave for 15 seconds, place it in the pocket of Girafe, then wrap your baby in the swaddling warmth and comfort.  Soon your baby will be resting and so can you.

Happi Tummi  includes the Girafe waistband to hold the heated herbal pouch against your baby's belly. The patented herbal pouch work its magic through a mix of seven ingredients including lavender, chamomile, lemon grass and peppermint—all sourced from the country of origin.

The combination of binding, the Girafe & warming the herbal pouch instantly calms your fussy baby suffering from gas, colic, constipation or acid reflux.

Just Heat and Treat.  Order now to get the relief you deserve.


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