Happi Tummi Blue Plush Waistband and Herbal Pouch


Warm it. Wrap it. Watch it work.

Just warm the herbal pouch in your microwave for 15 seconds, place it in the pocket of the soft belly wrap, then wrap your baby in the swaddling warmth and comfort.  Soon your baby will be resting and so can you.

Happi Tummi  includes one soft, Minky dot waistband to hold the heated herbal pouch against your baby's belly. The patented herbal pouch works its magic through a mix of seven ingredients including lavender, chamomile, lemon grass and peppermint—all sourced from the country of origin.

The combination of binding, the plush waistband & herbal warming pouch instantly calms your fussy baby suffering from gas, colic, constipation or acid reflux.  Just Heat and Treat.  Order now to get the relief you deserve.


Customer Reviews (5)

Happi Tummi = Happy Baby

Love the Happi Tummi! My son has a lot of gas and gets very fussy...he responds well to the Happi Tummi and it makes our home more peaceful! Sharon

Actually Works

My son is 2 months old and has reflux, milk protein allergy and gastroparesis. He tends to have issues with gas and belly aches so I wanted to try the happi tummi for him. First night we tried it he slept 7 hours. Previous to that night he would only sleep 3 hours at a time!! This product is wonderful!! It smells great and he seems more relaxed when wearing it. I definitely recommend trying the happi tummi!! Tiffany

Worked as it said it would!

It was just as it said... happy

Love it!

A friend recommended the happi tummi and I am so thankful for it. I got it when my daughter was about 6 weeks and it is a life saver. She calms within 2-3 minutes of placing it on her belly and falls asleep. I use it whenever she is gassy to avoid using medication (although I still use mylicon occasionally, if it is extreme gassiness). I find the aroma even calms me. Baby is now 16 weeks and I am ordering a refill pack. LGmommy

Gassy Baby

I purchased this for my very gassy and colic baby. As soon as I put it on him he had immediate gas relief. I would recommend this to anyone with my same situation.
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